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vocabulary college The words that you'll find here are those words that you are most likely to find on standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, and GRE, among others. Preparing for an exam? Looking for vocabulary lists? Preparing for graduate school or for college? We are here to help. Best of all, it's easy and fun. Who would have thought?
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Over 4,000 vocabulary words
The choice to view words according to difficulty. Think you are a word guru? Check out our hard words!
Various word games and activities to better help you master new words
Enjoy both active games and hands-free games, where you just watch and learn
No account needed, and it's free
Word Power!
vocabulary dictionary It's not just about vocabulary lists! A better vocabulary will enable you to communicate better, which in turn will enable you to be more productive. With a better vocabulary, you'll more readily enjoy great books and understand today's news.
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vocabulary stopwatch easy A few minutes each day is all that it takes. Each day spend 5 minutes on each game; use your new words in your conversations, and perhaps even make flash cards, and before you know it, you'll have a brand new vocabulary!